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Join over 5,600 Veterinarians in Pet Assure

Growing an independent veterinary practice can be hard-- but it doesn't have to be. Pet Assure is a risk-free way to gain new clients, grow your practice and increase compliance.

Thousands of veterinarians have chosen to list their practice with Pet Assure and make lifelong connections with pets and their families. Pet Assure will refer local families to your practice at no cost. There is never a fee! Participating veterinarians just extend preferred pricing (see below for details) on in-house medical services directly to these clients.

Join Pet Assure and enjoy these benefits:  

  1. Increase in New Patients – Thousands of corporations offer our veterinary plan to their employees as an employee benefit, much like they offer dental plans and vision plans. That means millions of pet households have access to these plans and their employers provide a list of local network veterinarians for them to visit.   
  2. Stronger Client-Veterinarian Relationship – Pet parents that enroll in our veterinary plan have made a financial commitment to their pets’ health care. This gives them a more proactive & preventive mindset and helps build a strong relationship with the veterinarian they found through the network.

  3. More Return Visits – Veterinarians who have listed their practice with Pet Assure tell us that the members we refer to them are more likely to regularly schedule well visits, follow their recommendations, approve elective procedures and purchase recommended prescriptions and protocols. Pet Assure has been helping veterinarians gain new clients and strengthen pet caretaker-veterinarian relationships since 1995. 

Grow your practice to its potential and care for more pets. 
List your practice with Pet Assure today!   


A representative will be in touch to confirm your listing and review the program details.

"Once they see our practice, they not only stay with us and become good clients, but they tell their friends and associates too, and we end up getting more referrals."
Richard Rogoff, VMD

Kendall Animal Clinic, Miami, FL

These are some of the thousands of companies that offer our veterinary plan to their employees.
Get listed in Pet Assure and these employees will be referred to your practice.


*It's FREE for veterinarians to list in Pet Assure.
You never pay us penny! Instead, you provide preferred pricing directly to Pet Assure clients.

You only need to discount in-house medical services. The discount is 25% off your standard rates. Veterinarians in Pet Assure report that this amounts to 10-13% of clients’ annual billings since products, non-medical services and all other line items are full price.  

Items not discounted:         

  1. Medication sent home with a client.
  2. Products sent home with the client such as food and flea products.      
  3. Outsourced personnel or services, such as outside lab work 
  4. Non-medical services, such as grooming or boarding        

Clients may not combine their pricing with any other discount or package you are offering.


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